A different way to meet through the joy of cooking

CommuniKitchen is an open community kitchen for big-city neighbourhoods. It is a way for people to meet and enjoy each other’s company while cooking together. 

Through our ‘Pop-up Kitchen’ experiment we learned that cooking is a good starting point for interaction between people from different backgrounds and cultures. By cooking and eating together they can feel a sense of belonging. 

The CommuniKitchen has a ‘green table’, with fresh and seasonal produce; a shop, from which to buy good-quality ingredients; a dishwasher and storage area; a cart, which can be used as a personal preparation space; a cooking island, with stoves and sinks; and an eating area. 

A small fee, which is handled via an account in the CommuniKitchen network, will be charged
for use of the area.

Today, IKEA is about more than just furniture – it is also about family and food. Because of this, we believe that IKEA can play an important role in helping increase communication between people through cooking.

Download project documentation here.

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