Digital guidance that supports the cooking process and cooking skills

Creative Cook is a future kitchen concept that motivates children to be part of the cooking process. It combines the actual kitchen with augmented reality. By enriching the physical environment with digital elements, the children’s creativity is triggered and they can enjoy taking part in an entertaining experience.

Creative Cook accommodates two types of behaviours: active and passive. In the active mode, children follow a recipe and the system will indicate what tool to use for a specific task. In the passive mode, the youngsters are the ones who select both the ingredient and the tool that they want to use. The basic toolset consists of an interactive knife, peeler and whisk and comes with the Creative Cook pen, which children can use to draw on top of the work surface. Creative Cook will show the budding chefs different possibilities of what can be done with the specific combination of a tool and ingredient, for example how to make a crocodile out of a cucumber.

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