Visible food storage that inspires and reduces waste

How can you be inspired to prepare food in your kitchen? Many people will say that inspiration comes from “where the food is”. But more often than not, merely opening a fridge or cupboard will not provide the necessary inspiration to help you create delicious dishes. Why? Because these storage spaces usually suffer from over-crowding. Many of the groceries are pushed to the back and go unnoticed, often leading to unnecessary waste.

The concept of inspirational storage consists of three pieces of furniture. First, an indoor greenhouse, where herbs and other small plants can be grown.  Second, a dry storage space for long-lasting produce. This area consists of narrow shelves, which means products can be easily seen. This solution minimises food waste because groceries can’t be placed behind each other and forgotten about. A grid in the dry storage space links to greenhouse and is an area in which herbs can be hung to dry. Finally, there is cold storage for fresh food, including dairy products, and frozen groceries.

Download project documentation here.