Kitchen storing boxes  import raw material and export semi food

Semix integrates three parts of the cooking process – planting, harvesting and storing - in one smart system.

An inner LED light in the Semix system powers on and off, reacting to the proximity of the user. When no one is near, the light is turned off and the outside of boxes remain frosted in order to conceal the food. When the user stands in front of the boxes, the light illuminates and the boxes switch to transparent so that the items inside can be seen.

People can control system to refill supplies on the top, pick up mature plants, plant something new; control different sizes of chopped food on the top (The lid has dot screen that you can press to pick up the size you want); just pick what people want from each box.

Semix is controlled via a mobile app, so that the temperature and humidity of the boxes can be monitored and altered at any time and from any location.

Download project documentation here.

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