A toolkit to introduce children to fresh and
healthy food

In order to fill the gap of knowledge about the food on our plates and its resource; the SMAAK toolkit was designed. Children can use the toolkit, consisting of a box and instruction cards, to grow their own food at the place they want. The toolkit brings the resource of food to their home environment hereby introducing them to fresh and healthy food in fun and exploratory ways; experiencing growth from seed to recipe.

The SMAAK box’s peepholes allows children to discover the process of growing while a removable cover can be used to provide light throughout the whole year. A set of instruction cards is used to teach the children about the growing process of various herbs, vegetables, fruits and other food. This hands on and fun approach empowered by SMAAK makes children and their parents learn to appreciate healthy and fresh food and get to know the advantages of growing their own with the minimal support of a controllable lighting system.